Tramore Strand, Donegal




We were on a short camping trip to Tramore Strand, Rosbeg, Co. Donegal, and in my last posts, I covered the drive we took out to Assaranca Waterfall and Maghera beach.  That evening we returned to Tramore Strand, and leaving the camping site, headed for the beach where we set up a little disposable barbecue, and had a small campfire.  We spent a great night stiing round the fire, watching the sunset, with the benefit of hot food and a bottle of wine.  As close to a perfect evening as you could get.  Making sure to leave no trace behind, we then made our way back to the tent in complete darkness.










I’ve posted on this location before. and if anyone is interested is seeing more just follow the link below.



2 thoughts on “Tramore Strand, Donegal

  1. Its usually fairly quiet despite a caravan park nearby, but it was completely deserted as the sun went down. It was great to give my son his first taste of camping, sitting round a campfire toasting marshmallows. I think the tent will see more outings next summer.

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