Last Day Of Kerry Trip


Deenagh Lodge in Killarney National Park.



The final day of our holiday in Kerry, and there would be little time for photography as, unfortunately for me, the day would be largely spent shopping in Killarney.  It was also a dull, overcast day, so time and conditions were both against me.  I did find time to take a quick walk round the part of Killarney National Park close to the town, around Deenagh Lodge.




Deenagh Lodge, with St. Mary’s Cathedral in the background.



We spotted some deer in this part of the park, but they were too far away to say whether they were red deer or sika.











This type of overcast day provides poor light for landscapes, but it is well suited for close-ups and macro, so I turned my attention to the small scale in the park.








A slime mould, which may not look like much, but to my mind are one of the most fascinating organisms in the world!  Slime moulds live usually as single cell organisms, but sometimes they join together and behave like a single, larger organism, even moving around looking for food.  They seem to blur the definition of what constitues a separate organism.



Another subject which lends itself well to overcast days with low contrast are waterfalls.  With that in mind we took short drive out to the famous Torc Waterfall.














Sadly, it was my last shot on this trip to Kerry.  I was sorry to have to leave, particularly as so much of it remained unseen.  But, we will definitely be planning to go back, and we had a fantastic week seeing the sights.


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