North West Dingle Peninsula




Nearing the end of our second day in Kerry, which we had spent exploring the southern coast of the Dingle peninsula, and taking the Slea Head drive.  The family were now making increasingly demanding noises about food, so I reluctantly gave up on visiting the Gallarus Oratory.  Instead, we continued north along the coast a little, then cut inland for a more direct route back to Dingle.  This part of the peninsula was also stunning, and it pained me to speed through it, but I did manage one or two stops for some last photos.


















After that, it was on to Dingle as quickly as possible where fish and chips were urgently required to avoid a potential mutiny.


2 thoughts on “North West Dingle Peninsula

  1. You were very lucky with the weather there. Too bad you couldn’t linger for some more beautiful shots but food and family come first. There will be plenty of other times for you, I’m sure.
    P.S. Your photographs over on Red Bubble are spectacular. I haven’t looked at them all but what I have seen so far are impressive.

    1. Thanks Jessica. I would see the blog here as recording the walks, drives etc, but try to be more selective with Redbubble. That was the best weather of the week by the way – hope you get at least a few days like that.

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