Fahan On The Dingle Peninsula


Looking back towards Dingle along the peninsula.



After leaving the town of Dingle, we proceeded west out along the peninsula, reluctantly bypassing Ventry due to lack of time.  Our next stop was at Fanad, known for its ancient stone “beehive” huts, probably used as dwellings and thought to date from the 12th century.


There is a car park by the roadside offering great views back along the peninsula towards Dingle, west towards the end of the peninsula, and across Dingle Bay to the Iveragh Peninsula and the Skellig Islands.  We took in the views first, before taking the short walk up to the huts on the hillside behind.




The Skellig Islands on the horizon.  Again unfortunately, we didn’t get time to visit the amazing Skellig Michael during our week in Kerry, and it was actually closed to visitors for two days for filming on the latest Star Wars movie.




A view across Dingle Bay to the mountains on the Iveragh Peninsula.




A view back east along the peninsula.




Another view eastwards, this time a wider view taking in the eastern part of the Iveragh Peninsula too.


After taking in the views, we paid the small two Euro charge to go up the hillside to see the huts.  There are only a few remaining of what used to be hundreds, but there are many remains.  Unfortunately, we seemed to arrive during a period of reconstruction, and some parts were fenced off, with a lot of ugly scaffolding etc.  There were still a few good examples however, and it was worth the visit.




Going up the hIll to the huts.







This was the best example of the huts and was fully accessible.




Part of the site which seemed to be undergoing reconstruction.


After a good look around, it was back down to the car park, where the views enticed us to stay a bit longer just taking it all in.




A wider view towards the Skelligs and the end of the Iveragh Peninsula.




No need for a telephoto lens for this gull – it wasn’t fazed by our presence at all.




A look west to our next destination, futher west towards Slea Head.


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