Inch Strand and Lispole Viaduct


Inch Strand with the Dingle Peninsula stretching out behind.



It was our second day in Co. Kerry, and having spent the previous day close to base in Killarney, we were ready to face driving again.  Our destination was the Dingle Peninsula, and near the base of the peninsula, we just had to stop at Inch Strand.  The strand, backed by sand dunes, is a narrow strip of land sticking out at a right angle from the Dingle Peninsula, and extending for three miles into Dingle Bay.







Looking across Dingle Bay to the Iveragh Peninsula.



A popular beach with surfers.





After taking in the sights at the beach, we contunued on out on to the rest of the peninsula, with the town of Dingle itself being our next intended destination.  I found however, that in Kerry you can’t go far without wanting to stop to admire a view, and I paused for a look at the Lispole Viaduct.





Next stop Dingle.

2 thoughts on “Inch Strand and Lispole Viaduct

    1. its definitley a good spot Jessica. Lack of time is the biggest problem. The dunes behind the beach are a nature reserve I think, and would have been worth a walk, but we didn’t have time unfortunately.

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