Muckross Abbey




Muckross Abbey, founded in 1448, is found in Killarney National Park, and the ruins were the last place we visited in the park where we spent the first day of a week in Kerry.  The Abbey is a fascinating place, impressive both inside and out, and we easily spent a few hours exploring.

Unfortunately, somehwhere a little earlier, I got a smear on the UV filter I have on the front of my lens, and it wasn’t apparent when looking through the viewfinder, so most have the photos have a blurry patch somewhere in the frame.  A reminder to give the lens a quick wipe every now and again!




First view of the Abbey.




An interesting tree I thought.


Initially we walked round the exterior.
















Moving inside to explore the interior.  It is full of rooms, corridors and little nooks and crannies, with stairs too leading to different levels.









Looking down into the courtyard which was one of my favourite parts of the Abbey.



Here you can see the ancient yew tree in the courtyard, said to be hundreds of years old, perhaps as old as the abbey itself.






IMG_2711donesmall IMG_2709donesmall IMG_2707donesmall
















A last look back as we left.


2 thoughts on “Muckross Abbey

  1. Now that does look like a really interesting place. Strange grave markers and monuments…and that tree in the courtyard – fantastic – I’ve never seen a yew tree like that before. I think we might make this a stopping point as we make our way over to the Dingle Peninsula in a couple of weeks time.

  2. Definitely worth a look Jessica. Killarney gets a bad press sometimes now as a tourist trap and a cliche, but there’s plenty worth seeing there, and there’s a reason for all the tourists going there! Muckross House, Muckross Abbey and Ross Castle are all very close together. There’s the cathedral and other features in the town itself, and its a base for the Ring of Kerry. Our problems was there was no way to see everything in Kerry in a week.

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