Gap Of Dunloe




We had spent most of our first day in Co. Kerry visiting Muckross National Park, and having gone then for something to eat in the evening, we found ourselves back at our base in Fossa with some daylight left.  We decided to take the short drive up to the northern end of the Gap of Dunloe.  The gap is a scenic pass between Purple Mountain in the east and the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks in the west.  We parked the car at Kate Kearney’s Cottage, and walked as far as we could before the light deserted us.  Unfortunately, we knew we would only get a short way up the gap, but at least we would see some of it.  As it turned out, we went as far as the northern edge of Black Lake.  There would have been a lot more to see if we had time, but what we did see was stunning.




Starting out, just past Kate Kearney’s Cottage.







The enticing road ahead.




At Coosaun Lough.







The Black Lake beginning to become visible.




At the northern tip of the Black Lake.



At this stage I couldn’t persuade my family to go any further, as the light was starting to fade.  Reluctantly we started back again.




Of course, heading back didn’t mean I couldn’t stop again at some of the spots we had seen on the way up.







Almost back at Kate Kearney’s Cottage, and the traps which normally ferry tourists along the gap have long been parked up for the evening, which made it easier for us to walk the stretch that we did manage.



We had so much to squeeze in during only a week in Kerry that we never did get back to complete the route, but it would definitely be my intention to return and walk the entire length of the gap.


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