Taking In The Detail On Aghla Mountain


A Common Frog deep in the grass and heather.



My previous two posts were an account of a great hill walk on Aghla Mounatin in the Bluestacks.  I had enjoyed expansive views in all directions and the beautiful scenery of Co. Donegal.  However, there was also plenty of interest in turning my eye downwards to ground level.  There were striking patterns and colour in the lichens, fungi, bright mosses and other plants, and interesting rocks.


The Fungi were the first things to catch my eye.










The colours in the mosses were also eye-catching.











Once I started to look, the detail in the other small plants was fascinating.










Quartz rocks.








The lichen growing on the rocks had great colour.







And the texture and patterns in the example below caught my attention.




As I made my way down, this common frog seemed to making his way up, and who could blame him?  It was a great mountain for hill walking!




2 thoughts on “Taking In The Detail On Aghla Mountain

  1. Fantastic shots captured in incredible detail. They are really lovely. Some of the fungi and lichen look most unusual – I have never seen purple lichen before.

    1. Thanks Jessica. First time I’ve noticed it myself, and it seemed farily widespread up there. I must keep an eye open to see if it is common on other mountains, and I just hadn’t noticed it, or if it is an usual sight.

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