4 comments on “Croaghonagh

  1. Despite the weather these are great shots. Although they would have been different in sunshine, I personally like those magnificent brooding clouds and the intensity of the landscape in these kinds of conditions. I especially like the way the stormy sky is reflected in the bog pool and the rich colours associated with the peat. The orchids were very special too.

    • Thanks Jessica. I would have liked just a bit more play of light on the landscape, with the sun breaking through in places, to go along with the stormy skies, but you have to work with what’s there I suppose. The first shot in the post came closest probably.

  2. Hi Aidy, i am doing a short report on Croaghone bog sac as aprt of an exersize in my Enviromental management studies, i was hoping you would give me permission to use the photo with Lough Merne in it as part of my overview, i will cite your website as the source if permission is granted.
    Kind Regards
    Pat Boyd

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