Slieve League





The Slieve League cliffs are formed by the seaward side of Slieve League mountain, dropping shear into Donegal Bay.  The mountains is 595m high, and the cliffs are often said to be the highest sea cliffs in Europe, although I have also often seen this disputed.  I personally would not get too caught up in whether they are the highest or not; what is beyond dispute is that they are a spectacular sight.  It is possible to walk around and up to the top of the mountain, and it is on my list to do.  However, there are one or two places that are apparently very narrow, with shear drops either side, and having the family with me, I gave it a miss on this visit.



















The view straight down to the sea, just south of the cliffs.




A little further south is a point known as Carrigan Head, which also has very high drops.  Near the end of the headland, there is an old watch tower dating from the Napoleonic Wars.










You’d want to keep an eye on these fellas if you’re standing at the edge.  They might be tempted to use those wicked looking horns.







9 thoughts on “Slieve League

      1. Aye, I’m lucky its only a couple of miles away from where I am in Tyrone, but on the other hand, Cork, Kerry and even Dublin are a bit of a trek for us. No need to tell you, you can find opportunities everywhere.

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