Fintragh Bay

Fintragh Bay in Co. Donegal, Ireland.


Fintragh Bay is a small bay on the larger Donegal Bay.  The above photo was taken from a viewing point on the road west out of Killybegs, looking across Donegal Bay to the Dartry Mountains in Co. Sligo.


There was nice afternoon light falling on the scene, and I found it difficult to choose how much of the foreground field to include, leaving it out completely in the shot above, so here a series of shots with slightly more land included each time.












Looking slightly more to the west in the next shot.






And further west again, as the foreground falls under dark clouds.  On the horizon, it is just possible to see the faint outline of mountains far away in Co. Mayo.





We passed this spot having spent the day at a nearby beach, on our way to Slieve League, and those locations will probably feature in my next two posts.


3 thoughts on “Fintragh Bay

  1. According to the rule of thirds, your third image, with its equal amounts of land, sea, and sky, would be the most attractive and harmonious of the compositions. However, all of the shots show to good advantage the contrasting colours and textures of the landscape – particularly the smooth, glassy surface of the bay on that particular day.

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