Mullaghmore Head


Classiebawn Castle in the background on Mullaghmore Head.



My final post from a daytrip to Mullaghmore in Co. Sligo.  In this post, we left the village and drove round the coast, with the intended destination being a spot where there are good views of Classiebawn Castle.  The coast here has interesting layers in the cliffs which were formed by sediment laid down in an ancient river delta at a time when it was located in tropical seas.  On the drive round to the castle, my attention was diverted by interesting rock formations on the sea edge, although I don’t know if they were laid down by the same process.  I stopped there to take some shots looking across Donegal Bay, and took many images of the same distant views, just to get as many varied views of the interesting foreground rocks as I could, so apologies for the repetitive nature of the photos below.




Slieve League mountain can be seen in the distance on the left of the frame.






















Looking slightly more to the east across the bay, with the Bluestack Mountains on the right of the frame.



I then continued round the coast to a little inlet where Classiebawn Castle could be seen on the headland on the other side.  My favourite shot from this location is at the top of the post.  Below are some more, zooming in closer to the castle as they progress.







Shifting position slightly so that I could include Benbulben Mountain behind the castle.






A perfect spot to spend a summer day.

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