Rathmullan To Portsalon Drive


The southern end of the beach which runs north to Portsalon.



To finish off our recent day in Rathmullan, we took the short drive north to Portsalon.  The road hugs the coast of Lough Swilly for most of the way and offers great views across the sea lough to Inishowen.  I soon found myself stopping the car to take in the views, and capture them despite the less than ideal light.




Looking across Lough Swilly to Inishowen.









A cave on the landward side of the coastline, with a Martello Tower just beyond.






As we continued on to Portsalon the road climbed high above the shore, but the light was by now so bad that we didn’t stop until we reached the pier at Portsalon itself.




Portsalon pier.


After taking a short stroll around we set off to retrace our route to Rathmullan again, stopping at the southern end of the beach at Portsalon.






I resigned myself to the fact that the light wasn’t going to change dramatically, so on the way back, this time I stopped at some of the viewing point laybys on the highest point of the road.  Despite not being great for photography, the views were magnificent.  I tried to make the best of it, and it will be a spot to return to.




Looking down on Portsalon beach.




Another view of the beach from a higher vantage point.







Looking back along the road as it corkscrews its way up from Portsalon.







Looking across Lough Swilly to the prominent Urris Hills, and Dunaff Head on the extreme left.




Dunaff Head in the distance.




The Urris Hills.



This is a great stretch of coast road, and will be well worth a return visit in good light.

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