Slieve Donard Part 2


In part 1 I had almost reached the summit of Slieve Donard, finding it difficult on the final stretch following the Mourne Wall up from the col linking Donard to Commedagh.  Reaching the summit area, the wall took a right angled turn to the south, and in the corner it formed there was a stone shelter.




The Mourne Wall, turning Southwards.



The stone shelter with stile.



Crossing the stile at the stone shelter took me to the broad summit, marked by a large cairn.







I took a good few minutes here wandering around this blessedly flat area, resting the legs and taking in the views in all directions, but particularly the newly opened views to the southeast.













I also walked the short distance to another cairn just north of the summit cairn, with views over Newcastle.






It was now my intention to follow the wall back down the way I had come, but rather than going back down the Glen River valley, I would now follow the wall up the other side of the col to the summit of Slieve Commedagh.  I started back down, taking the other side of the wall this time.  My fellow walker mentioned in Part 1 was right – if anything it was harder going on the steep slope going down.







Looking down along the Mourne Wall to my destination, Slieve Commedagh.




Another look towards Commedagh


I will conclude this post as I reached the midpoint of the col, and continue the journey in a new post on Slieve Commedagh.  My final picture in this post was taken around the midpoint between the two mountains, looking down to the just visible Donard Forest and Newcastle, where I had started the walk.




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