Binevenagh Summit And Lough

Having just done two posts dealing with a walk around the cliff edge on Binevenagh, I’ll round off the journey with a walk up to the summit, and then back to the lough where I started. In the last post I had reached the southwestern end of the cliffs where a fence led up alongside a forest to the summit. Before leaving the cliffs, I took time for a last look at the views below, particularly the spectacular rock formations.




Here, the cliffs began to change into a gentler slope.


This fence could now be followed up the short gentle incline to the summit.


A look up along the fence line to the summit.


At the summit and trig pillar.


New views to the south, towards the distinctive shapes of Donalds Hill and Benbradagh, with the main Sperrin range beyond.


A couple of views around the top.



There was now a band of thick trees between me and my starting point beside the lough, so I had to go back roughly the same way I’d come.

A look down along the fence line again, towards the cliffs.


Back at the lough and the end of this part of the day’s walking.





I would now take the car around to the foot of the mountain, on the western side, and begin a second walk at the base. I found the views here equally spectacular, and in fact, completely filled my camera’s memory cards. Enough photos for another post!

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