Divis Mountain and Black Mountain


Divis Mountain (478m) and the smaller Black Mountain (389m) are found in the Belfast Hills in Co.  Antrim.  I went for a walk up from the National Trust car park on a bright, but cold, February day.  The wildness of the area has been spoiled a bit by modern telecommunications masts, and it is not a challenging hill walk due to the access road for the masts, which goes all the way to the summit.  The access road led from the car park, East to the base of Divis Mountain.

The view approaching the mountain.


The road to the summit.


When I reached these two towering masts, the road turned left and took me to the top of Divis.


The summit itself was a little messy with debris from, a now demolished, army base, and the masts etc.  The trig pillar, which had been removed to accommodate the army base, has now been restored to its place.


Having a wander round the flat summit area, there were panoramic views in all directions.

The views below are looking West, with Lough Neagh in the distance.




I took several shots from different viewpoints looking North East over Belfast, Cave Hill and Belfast Lough.





Looking across to Black Mountain on the other side of the two large masts.


Ponies grazing on the descent.



There were good views towards the distant Mournes, but at this time of day, the position of the sun made better shots difficult.


Reaching the two masts at the bottom of Divis Mountain, I then took the raised wooden boardwalk over the bog, to the top of Black Mountain.

Looking back towards Divis, the large masts presented graphic shapes, echoed by the masts on the summit, juxtaposed against the rounded form of Divis itself.  I’m not a fan of these masts in the high places, but on this occasion I thought they made an interesting image.


The summit of Black Mountain, with its trig pillar and more views opening up over the city of Belfast.



Another look back to the Northeast side of Divis.


Almost back at the starting point.


A line of windswept trees.


A pleasant, short walk, with good views to recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Divis Mountain and Black Mountain

  1. I went there last winter, too 🙂 It is a beautiful place, although indeed a bit spoilt by human impact. I would be interested to know the kind of the trees that stand along the road up to Divis. Can it be hawthorn? I’m not good at trees…

    1. Hi Judyta. Thanks for the comment. I’d guess hawthorn too from the shape, but like yourself, wouldn’t be the best at identifying them unless they had the leaves on.

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