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Lahinch is a seaside town in Co Clare, and I visited a couple of times on the same family holiday as the visit to the nearby Cliffs of Moher in a previous post.

The town looks over a beautiful sandy beach.  It rained most of the week that holiday, which is the chance you take in Ireland.  It was gloomy on the first day we visited but the clouds parted briefly to allow the sun to break through in patches.

IMG_4157 (2)small

It is a very popular destination for surfers…


…and a great spot for a Guinness.


Our second visit was in better weather, but I think this temperature readout was overstating it a tad!

IMG_4439 (2)small

It was a nice evening however and the low sun made it easier to appreciate the beauty of the location.

IMG_4436-2 (2)small

IMG_4408 (2)small

Deep circular marks on the shorefront rocks.

IMG_4196 (2)small

IMG_4197 (2)small

Down on the beach.

IMG_4415 (2)small

A final shot looking back from the beach at the seafront and its reflection in the wet sand.

IMG_4425-2 (2)small

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