8 comments on “Tramore Strand, Rosbeg.

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  2. I love those stripey rocks. I can’t imagine how I managed to by-pass this place – however, the guide book made it sound like Blackpool so I didn’t visit it earlier this year when I went to the Copper Coast.

    • A different Tramore Jessica, this one is Donegal. Its a common name for beaches in Ireland, basically just meaning “big beach”. Having said that, the one in Waterford that you would have been near has its attractions too. It has some some very colourful pebbles, and a great dune system.

      • That would account for it then. I didn’t know there was more than one beach with the same name – although I should have paid attention as you did say “Rosbeg” in the title.

      • Our placenames are designed to confuse Jessica, and I can think of several using the same name. In Donegal alone there are two pretty big mountains both called Slieve Snaght. And if you can figure it all out, the road signs are impenetrable.

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