Quick Trip Round Belfast


With a brief period of spare time in Belfast, I decided to visit a few places I had my eye on but had rarely, or never photographed.  As I was nearby, I started with this mural in honour of Alex “Hurricane” Higgins, a Belfast legend and snooker great.

My next visit was to a new public art sculpture of a seahorse, a creature that appears on Belfast’s coat of arms.



The harbour contains two iconic Belfast landmarks, the Harland and Wolff shipyard cranes, named Samson and Goliath.



This reflection of one of the cranes in a window caught my eye.


Also in the harbour was the Blackford Dolphin oil rig from Brazil, there for refitting at Harland and Wolff.  It took over three months to slowly tow the rig to Belfast.


Another mural of a Belfast legend, the Titanic.


And finally, a last stop at Parliament Buildings, Stormont, now the seat of the Northern Ireland Assembly.


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